Multi-functional Tactical Messenger bag. With a front pocket for quick access, an interior pocket for convenient, separated storage, and a concealed back pocket with zipper closure to protect your most essential small firearms or accessories, this is the only bag you need. It also has a fully adjustable, padded and ergonomic shoulder strap for comfortable carrying.

Multi-functional Tactical Messenger Bag


Roomy main drawstring-closed compartment provides generous and secure storage space for your gear
Front pocket for quick access; interior pocket for convenient, separated storage; concealed back pocket with zipper closure
Fully adjustable, padded, and ergonomic shoulder strap for comfortable carrying


Weight: 1.9 pounds
Material: Polyester
Dimensions: 12.5 by 10.5 by 5.5 inches



This bag has zero wear and tear on it after using it almost daily. When I say everyday I mean city slicker use, walks at night where I load it with at least 15 lbs of stuff for additional workout. The inner waterproof bag intact, no fraying of any straps. Buckles still working strong. No fading of color. Again, I am not in the back country, dragging it over rocks and through thistle patches. I do throw it around as needed and over-pack sometimes. Reviewers who prefer maxpedition pieces over all others because they have worn out other makers bags, are probably using the wrong bag, over stuffing them beyond design/reason. Many who have worn out these type of bags probably need to use a back pack version, no matter what make. After using this and loading and unloading it, I almost prefer that there was no liner/waterproof cinch cover provided. I would rather provide my own waterproof bag/bags. Easier to clean, can serve multiple roles, dries out easier, segregate items with a couple of individual bags. Will report back after damage has occurred.

I have been using this bag for about a month now, not heavy duty use, walks and throwing it into the vehicle for everyday use. I originally purchased the Maxpedition Fatboy but did not like the size and the fact that items stored inside the main compartment can fall out. The cover for the main pocket does not securely cover the opening. There is NO(edited 5-5-17) liner./water proof with a pull cord to protect items in the bag from falling out and getting wet from rain.
The UTG does have the liner. I have read reviews that state the liner will tear out easily. I can see how they can say that/have had it happen to them. So far this has not been an issue. Will monitor and report back in this review.
The shoulder strap is 2" wide with a pad that is slightly larger and using webbing material to provide ventilation. The shoulder strap material is not as thick as the maxpedition but it is sturdy and made of quality material. Maxpedition bags use a thicker material that adds to its weight. That is another reason for me returning the maxpedition. It was too heavy when empty. In fact the max material is too heavy for most applications! It might seem impressive and macho, but the material is brutally stiff and will scrape skin off if rubbed against.
The UTG pockets are all functional and big enough for my purposes. The "concealed" pocket is large enough for my Beretta 92FS. There is Velcro in that pocket to attach a holster appropriate for Velcro. The left side pocket with a drawstring will not close completely but will secure your water bottle. I have a 32oz stainless steel water bottle that fits easily into the pocket. See pic. I use the Velcro strap provided to secure the side pocket by going over the top of the water bottle. I twist this strap a couple of times to prevent the strings from pulling wide and allowing the bottle to maybe slip out when running of inverting the bag. I would have liked an organizer in the main compartment for securing pens and other objects such as small flashlights, lighters etc. I bought some Voodoo Tactical pouches to compensate. The outer front pocket does have a bit of admin organization capability.
The right side pocket is double zippered and roomy enough to some useful tools, food bars, battery packs, etc..
The material is solid but not too stiff like the Max bags. The zippers definitely sturdy and made of metal. They do "clang" a bit as some reviews have posted but that is easily remedied by electrical taping them, or cutting the pulls and replacing them with para cord or other string based material. The zippers are quality if not quite as "thick" as Max. They are not going to break easily.
There are many molly areas on the bag used to attached other storage items. I have not used them yet. The loops found on the outside of the bag are non-elastic so you cannot simply slide an item in them and expect them to stay.
The shoulder strap does unbuckle from one side of the bag. The buckles themselves are sturdy, cannot see them breaking easily. The pocket on top of the bag can be used for sun glasses or eyeglass case. That would be the largest item (or similar sized item) that would fit.
Buy this bag, it is sturdy enough to last through most non-Navy SEAL action. The Max bags Are top notch quality, but this bag is not far behind. What you save by buying this bag can be used for molly attachment items, pouches to store internally, and a good quality water bottle. And throw in some Rite in the Rain paper and a Fisher space pen and you are getting near the price of a Max Fatboy bag.